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Deep Stretch

Yin Yoga with Mimi Solaire

STRETCHING is the FOUNTAIN of YOUTH! Release tension and stress, move freely and become FLEXIBLE FOREVER!

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Join Mimi Solaire for DEEP STRETCH, a gentle and effective stretching practice that will leave you feeling relaxed, balanced and rejuvenated. Great for beginners and all levels of ability.


  • Session 1 – BACK STRETCHES – 20 minutes
  • Session 2 – LEGS AND HIPS – 20 minutes
  • Session 3 – NECK AND SHOULDERS – 20 minutes

A BONUS 10 minute session of challenging poses.

For a complete 70 minute workout, combine all four sessions.

Mimi Solaire has been teaching yoga since 1999. From insight gained through practicing and teaching Deep Stretch, a yin yoga practice, she has created this DVD to help others release tension and stress, move freely and become FLEXIBLE FOREVER!

Music by Anugama, Healing,
Open Sky Music, LLC


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Yoga Journal

Review by Richard Rosen
September 2009

with Mimi Solaire

A counter balance to vigorous yoga practice, Yin Yoga entails passively remaining in a pose, often supported by props, for several minutes. The three 20-minute sequences for the back, hips, legs, neck and shoulders in Deep Stretch are based on this approach.

It would be easy to let your mind wander while in these long held poses, but Mimi Solaire, a yoga teacher and member of the International Association of Yoga Thereapists, engages your attention with clear instructions supported by vivid images, practical explanations of the postures’ benefits, and ideas on how to approach the practice. There’s also a 10-minute bonus superstretch session at the end. Deep Stretch is a relatively brief but effective practice (the sequences can be done either separately or in combination for a longer practice), making it an excellent tool for keeping the mind focused, calm and alert as you breathe and stretch in juicy Yin Yoga poses.


Video Fitness

Review by Denise Ruble
September 2009

with Mimi Solaire

This workout provides three, 20 minute yoga inspired stretching sessions. It is accessible to all levels, from novices to advanced yogi's wishing for a sequence within which to really deepen their personal practice.

Mimi instructs the workout alone. She chose to do the instruction in voiceover which I felt was perfect for this type of stretching. The music offered a "new age" melody which was relaxing and soothing. The set was pure white and Mimi wore an all white outfit and performed the workout on a white shaggy rug. I thought it was visually appealling and created a sense of calmness.

You can choose to do any of the sequences from the Main Menu. The offerings are as follows: Full Program, Back Stretches, Hips & Legs, Neck & Shoulders and Bonus Super Stretch. My favorite part of the program is that throughout each pose Mimi holds each position for 1-2 minutes. This really opens up tight muscles and allows a deep relaxation to naturally occur. Mimi also ends each segment with a brief relaxation pose (she does encourage the participant to stay as long as they feel is necessary however).

Back Stretches: This practice begins with a gentle stretch while lying down with hands clasped overhead and then moves into a reclined knee to chest pose. Mimi then moves onto her stomach to perform some modified cobra sequences followed by some childs pose stretches. Next you'll move into the cat/cow. Mimi then takes you into a wonderful seated twist and then you'll move back to the floor for bridge. Still on your back, you'll conclude this session with some gentle knee to chest rocking motions and then finish with a reclined twist.

Hips & Legs: You'll start with a reclined cobbler pose (you are lying on your back with feet together, knees falling open) and focus on your breathing. Mimi then performs a gentle knee to chest stretch and further explores the hamstring of that same leg by crossing the ankle over the opposite thigh and gently pulling the working leg towards the chest. Next you'll leave the ankle crossed over the thigh and perform a twist to feel a nice stretch in the outer hip area. (perform all stretches to opposite leg) Now you'll grab a strap and perform some assisted stretches that will lengthen the hamstrings. Mimi demonstrates several stretches with the strap, each hitting different areas of the leg. (you'll also feel it in the inner/outer thigh area) Once the strap session is complete, you'll come to a seated position and perform a seated forward bend which is the last exercise in this sequence.

Neck & Shoulders: The first pose uses a rolled up towel for support under the neck while lying on your back. Next, removing the towel, you'll roll one arm under your back to stretch the shoulder. Mimi then performs a side lying twist. Next you'll pull both knees to chest and circle them then come to your hands and knees. Thread the needle stretch is next which opens up the shoulder and upper back. Childs pose follows. Next, sitting on knees, you'll cross one arm over the other into Eagles arms. Lying back to the floor you'll rotate your shoulders forward and back and then end with savasana.

Bonus Super Stretch: This segment offers more challenging poses so, as Mimi suggests, you may want to warmup with any of the previous sequences or even perform some type of cardio warmup to ensure your muscles are warm and receptive. Mimi begins with boat pose. Reclining hero pose is next and it is intense! (work up to this one if you have too!) The next move is down dog and then a seated forward bend. A reclined eagle legs twist follows. This segment also ends with a longer relaxation segment. (FYI-this segment was done without music, if you prefer you can use your own)

Denise Ruble

Deep Stretch Testimonials

As seen on Amazon

Excellent Yin-like Yoga Routine, March 15, 2009
By YogaKat "YogaKat" (Oregon United States)

This DVD includes three 20-minute Yin-like Yoga segments + one bonus 10-minute section. You can do each one separately or together for a full 70-minutes of Yin-like Yoga. It is not traditional "Paul Grilley" Yin Yoga (where you hold postures for 3-5 minutes with passive stretches and specific postures that are connected to meridian system), instead Mimi holds the postures for about 1 minute and somewhat passive like traditional Yin Yoga. All of the routines are entirely on the floor (no standing postures). The music is lovely, but a bit loud (especially on the first segment) and it is a bit difficult to hear her describe the postures.

Here's the line-up:

  • Session 1: Back Stretches
  • Session 2: Legs and Hips
  • Session 3: Neck and Shoulders
  • Bonus: Challenging Poses

This is an excellent routine and I especially like using it in the early morning and a wake-up routine. It can be used by all levels from beginners to intermediate Yogis.

Wonderful balance to your Yoga practice...stay flexible as we age, January 13, 2009
By EMG "AZ juicer" (Scottsdale)

Yin yoga is the perfect counterpoint to an active yoga practice AND is great for those who just need to improve flexibility and mental focus. Yin yoga is great for all of us living active and stressful lives.


Dancing with Grandchildren, December 10, 2008
By Bettylou (Sewickley, PA)

I read the positive review submitted by the 60-year-old dancer. Although not a professional, I am a 60-year-old Grandma who loves to dance with a grandchild in my arms. Until I discovered Mimi's BACK IN SHAPE program, back pain curtailed my dancing. I've been following Mimi's healing routine for years, and while I've never tired it, I am thrilled now to add DEP STRETCH to my repertoire. "Feel pleased with your efforts and confident," says Mimi as she guides gently, clearly throughout the DVD. I am now playing DEEP STRETCH in the background as I write this comment. The music fills me with calm as does Mimi's encouraging voice. "Flexibility gained through intelligence is more permanent than that gained through force," she says. And thus I am filled not with a regret for what I cannot do, but with anticipation of possibilities...the promise of dancing with grandchildren for years to come. Thank you, Mimi.

Great for dancers -- and everyone!, November 8, 2008
By Amanda G. Vaughan - See all my reviews
I am a former professional ballet dancer, now in my sixties and still taking ballet classes twice a week. I have studied yoga with Mimi for five years, and get special benefits from her excellent Deep Stretch classes, which help keep me flexible enough to still dance at my age! I love this DVD, and my husband and I do all, or part, of it on days when I can't make it to an actual class. Mimi's presentation is clear, relaxing, and unhurried, and gives just the right amount of time for the poses. I feel refreshed in mind and body at the end of a session. Thank you, Mimi!

Everyday Practice - 10 Minutes or More, November 8, 2008
By Keith Thompson "our green works guy" (Scottsdale, AZ United States)

My wife and I both practice yoga. We are both over 60 and active with a lifetime's aches and pains (my wife still practices ballet twice a week). This DVD is permanently in the DVD player so that we can do it first thing in the morning and also at intervals during the day. I work a lot at the computer and the lower back gets stiff. The DVD is organized in short segments - so you can concentrate on just Neck and Shoulders, or Back, Hips and Legs, etc. I try to do the Full Stretch program at least once a week.

This is the most relaxing experience I have all week. Mimi's voice is very soothing and NOT "fru fru" yoga lite.

A great video for people with back, hip, or athletic issues, November 8, 2008
By Francine Hardaway "Francine Hardaway, Ph.D" (Phoenix, Arizona)

I've been practicing yoga for ten years,often with Mimi, and two years ago I had to have a hip replacement. Right after I had it, the first classes I went to were hers, because I knew I could trust her to help, not hurt me.

I also went with her and a group of other women on a yoga trip to Malaysia and Thailand. Mimi's yoga practice helped me rehab from my hip replacement, and now helps me control my back problems. Her deep stretch class is one that I often enter feeling tight, and always exit feeling like a new person.

My pregnant daughter has also used and loved her prenatal yoga video.