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Dear Mimi,

I want to thank you very much for your "Back In Shape" DVD. I hurt my back last May and nothing was making it better. Lots of drugs, but the pain wouldn't go away. I was ready to try anything to make the pain stop. I watched a show on National Public Television featuring Dr. Veejay Vad. He is a back pain specialist and had a DVD offered for a gift to the station. I ordered that, but while I was waiting for it to arrive (I really was in a lot of pain) I did some looking around. I found your video on Amazon.com. I sure am glad I did.

I ordered your DVD and have been using it almost every day since. At first there were some exercises that I couldn't do without pain, so I skipped those. Now I find myself being able to do all of the exercises pain free. Well at least all the exercises that I can do, there are a couple that I am just not flexible enough to do the way you suggest. That is not related to my back injury. I am a pretty tight person anyway.

The second reason I am writing is to ask you if I can just keep using your DVD everyday from now on, or should I vary it with some other exercise. I must tell you that I have tried three other DVD's and yours is by far the best, at least in part because it is so calming. The video is almost a continuation of my meditation, which I also started recently. Do you have a follow-up DVD? Is there one you would recommend? I have one by Dr. Jon Kabot Zinn in addition to the Veejay Vad video. Neither are as useful as yours.

If there isn't another video you would recommend, do you think that using just your video that would be enough to maintain good back health? I sure don't want to go through that again if I can help it! Again, thank you for this video. I really like it. It is easy to follow and works for me on an emotional level as well as the physical one.

  • Larry F., Omaha, NE.

If you suffer from severe back pain this is a great program because it is practical. No Dvd will give you discipline though so go slow and stay with it.

  • Good Luck! Bad Back Jack

I get up thirty minutes early every morning to do this work-out. It is the best group of back stretching exercises I've ever come across. I'd recommend it to anyone with back troubles. It's cheaper than a trip to the chiropractor and probably just as effective.

  • MP McSweeney, Columbus

I bought this tape after pulling my back out for the “100th” time this summer. I was so down in the dumps from walking around crooked and having every move cause spasms in my back that I searched amazon for some hope of a video. I purchased this because of some of the reviews I saw and I must say my back has been going strong since. The tape consists of two fifteen minute sessions that focus on breathing, stretching and strengthening the body. After doing the whole tape at once for a couple of weeks I have now gone to doing each session every other night. I find 15 minutes is a short enough time so that I don't try to find an excuse to not do it. I find Mimi Solaire's voice very soothing and she gives concise directions. I also like that this video gets started right into the session without a lot of babble like some yoga tapes I have tried.

  • Sandor Becz , CT

This is a very relaxing and nicely paced routine. All the excersizes are performed on the floor and include a flat on the back 15-min session and sitting up 15-min session. You can easily do them both together or either one separate. It not a tough routine, very gentle and geared towards those with injuries or just starting with stretching, but I found it also very beneficial as an intermediate yogini. There is a mix of slow movements and stretching. Setting is on a beautiful beach with smoothing instruction and music. Even though this is only a 1/2 hour routine, I will use it again and again on days when I'd like a gentle, short practice. Treat your back to this one !

  • Kat, Oregon

Good, soothing workout.
I'm not sure how much good the toning aspects of the video will do if you're already a regular exerciser; it's very gentle. But the breathing and relaxation aspects of the tape are definitely helping my lower back, and I am also much more aware of my posture when sitting, standing, and walking, which is also going to help. And if you're not a regular exerciser, you'll see toning improvements in your ab and back muscles too. The pace is good, and the beach setting is beautiful.

  • Posted by JLP on 9/3/2003.

This video is very relaxing. It is an okay video to have among your video collection, nothing really too difficult, just some very nice stretches. Ideal for any back suffering. Great for any one interested in starting a yoga program.

  • Posted by Lori-Anne on 7/29/2003

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I LOVED THIS workout!
This back workout is fabulous. I did Yoga Booty Ballet and some how sprained my back so it's really painful. The first day I did this I felt immediate relief on my spine it was like a miracle happened. I read the reviews on here and collagevideo.com but opted to buy it here. I do this workout a few times a week when my back hurts. You will NOT be sorry that you purchased it. It has 2 segments and both are 15 min each, you can do the first one or the second one or both! For those who have dvd players it has a menu so you don't have to look at the whole thing. The music and backgrounds are so sooting just take it slow and follow the instructor. I hope you like it as much as I do it was well worth the money.

“Able to stand tall”
I had worked in the Plumbing Heating and Cooling business and the constant lifting and working in miserable conditions had caused my bottom three discs to crack and leak.

I slept on the floor in a ball every night and crawled to my hands and knees. After 6 months of using this DVD every day, I'm able to play golf 3 times a week and teach my workshops on my feet from 8 to 4 PM without having to take pain killers.

Relief from back pain is the gift you give when you buy this DVD for yourself or someone else who is suffering.

This Works
I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. I was sent to physical therapy and pain medications. My back pain was still there. My wife suggested I get Mimi's DVD. I am so glad I did. When I started the exercise program on the DVD, I still had back pain, but the exercises were gentle enough that I could still make it through all 30 minutes. As a result of following the program my back pain is relieved. I no longer have weeks that I have to walk crooked with back spasms. The program relaxs, strengthens, and stretches. I have flexibility I never did before.

Mimi is a great instructor. I would recommend this tape to anyone with back problems. For the cost of one co-payment at physical therapy, I can now just put on the DVD and get results ... Read More


Get Back in Shape with Mimi Solaire
Mimi Solaire, made an incredible video in the foreground of the beaches of Whitsunday Islands in Australia called "Back In Shape." This video is well instructed and easy to follow regardless at which level you would be on, from beginner to advanced. The workout was carefully constructed combining yoga techniques and chiropractic principles. I also didn't mention that Dr. Parsons, is also included in this video as well. Dr. Parsons has worked with Olympic athletes and also is on the team of several “Ultimate Fighters” where he uses his chiropractic charms.

"Back In Shape" is broken into two 15 minute workouts as well as combining both workouts into one 1&Mac218;2 hour workout. Either way that you should choose to use this video, each ... Read More

What a great way to start your day....
Having recently injured my back I was anxious to learn about ways to keep my back healthy. I want to continue to lead an active adult life. I attended one of Mimi's sessions and was surprised that even after one session - my lower back pain was eased! My entire body felt relaxed and more limber! Not only are the stretches and toning exercises clearly demonstrated by Mimi but the music and background images (lovely beach) put you in the right frame of mind. The 2-15 minute sessions seem like no time at all. Give yourself the gift of time.

Great job, Mimi!

Prenatal Students

As a 2 year yoga student, I decided to try out some prenatal yoga classes when I was 25 weeks pregnant... Let me tell you, Not all "prenatal" classes are the same. After a uneventful trials in classes that to me seemed more like "Light Yoga" rather than a definitive yoga designed for pregnancy, I found Mimi's prenatal yoga class: I only wish I would have known what an amazing experience for my mind, body and spirit it was going to be from day one of my pregnancy...It was the magic ticket to keeping my energy up, my changing body feeling flexible, healthy, and strong and my emotions balanced. On top of great nutrition, I dont believe there is anything better I could have done to nurture the growing baby inside me and take care of myself simultaneously. The flow of Mimi's class was a perfect blend of breathing, stretching, strengthening, and connecting with my baby. Adjusting the poses to my rapidly changing and growing body was a concern and challenge: Mimi's innate knowlege of her yoga practice, the human body, and specifically, how each pose brings balance, oxygen and cirulation to pregnant women specifically put me at ease instantly and kept me feeling confident and safe through to the day before my delivery. Many of the techniques I learned in class were especially instrumental in relieving much of the muscle tension and strain I felt during the final weeks...

The labor and delivery of my 8 pound 4 ounce daughter was smooth and uncomplicated, and I definitely attribute much of that to the physical and emotional preparation I received by taking Mimi's class. If you are lucky enough to live where she teaches, taking her class during pregnancy should be a priority in your schedule...otherwise, get a copy of her DVD and enjoy her practice at home. I think all OBGYN's, Midwifes, and anyone involved in helping women prepare for childbirth should be familiar with both the physical and emotional benefits of a consistent prenatal yoga practice.

  • Laura
    Scottsdale Arizona

I want to thank you for playing such a huge role in me having such a wonderful pregnancy and delivery of Amelia. I loved every prenatal yoga class and your coaching taught me so much that helped me have a positive attitude and gave me the ability to relax and really enjoy every minute of being pregnant ... as well as bond in a special way with my baby!

  • Virginia

And thanks to Mimi for making the pregnancy experience so much more comfortable, relaxing and fun.

  • Karaline

Thanks so much for leading such great PreNatal classes my last few weeks.

  • Candace

Thanks Mimi - I will miss your class. You are a wonderful teacher. I feel so much stronger right now than I did after the birth of my first daughter. My recovery has been much much better.

  • Allison

Mimi’s Students

...*I can now play golf 2 to 3 times in one week where I was lucky to manage once a week before the pain was too much *I can sit on the mat in class without going into spasm. Something I could not do when I first started. Now, I can actually participate in our 1-1/2 classes and hold positions that achieve deep healing and were only a dream when I first started. *I’m able to take long-car trips and airplane flights. This is critical to my business since I’m asked to travel around the country to speak and to consult. It’s what I love but was afraid I’d have to do less of a couple of years ago.

As with any gift, you must share it. And, that’s what I’ve done. I’ve bought many of your tapes, now on CD, and given it to my friends and business associates who also suffer from back pain.

  • Al Levi

The moment I set eyes on my first grandchild, I was smitten...to the point of saying to my son and his wife, “Can I please watch him in lieu of daycare?” And they said, “Sure!” He was a mere 11-pound baby when I began. I considered myself fairly fit for a 54-year old. Oh my aching back! After a month I was ready for traction. Then I found BACK IN SHAPE, and within a week my back pain was easing. After a month my back was in shape! My grandson is now 17 months and 25 pounds, and because I’m still devoted to your tape, I am lifting him with ease. No more pain. Thank you so much.

  • Bett Roberts,
    Sewickley, PA.

I ordered your DVD "Back In Shape" and love it. It really has helped me with my lower back/hip problem. I was born with a congenital defect (extra 6th Lumbar, partially formed), which plays havoc on my lower back, especially after I cycle or hit the weights. It throws my pelvis off, and kills the muscles of my hips.

  • Jeff L.

A beautifully produced blend of flowing stretches and gentle toning. It covers all aspects of back health: relaxation, strength and flexibility. The first segment focuses on back alignment and breathing; the second on strengthening the back and its opposing ab muscles. The one-on-one cuing is soothing and calm with easy-to-follow imagery (“inhale as if your whole body were an expanding balloon”). The workout is exquisitely filmed on a tranquil Australian beach and features quiet instrumental music. (c)2001. (31 min.).

  • Collage Exercise Video Review

I enjoy your Back in Shape DVD a lot. I was hoping that a Back in Shape Volume 2 is planned.
Thank you,

  • Sandi

I’ve been a world class athlete for more than 15 years and the techniques in the video helped alleviate the constant pain and soreness that I had been living with.

  • Dan Henderson,
    Two-Time Olympic Greco Roman Wrestler